• Defying Expectations

    Eagerly awaited the printing of this memoir and had pre-ordered with Amazon months back. A story of vision and persistence. Phil Rawlins embarks on a pilgrimage from Stoke in the UK to Austin to Orlando. Any person with aspirations, regardless of sport to build a professional sports franchise should use this as a blueprint. One common thread throughout the trials and tribulations is Phil's unwavering commitment to the communities his team's played in. Read more on Phil under 'People' on this blog.

  • www.kitbag.com

    Great new Soccer store out of Manchester, England where you can find the latest and greatest products including Replica Jerseys, Boots and Equipment. Can also find interviews with the stars of the game worldwide and learn about the stories behind products that are developed by brands such as Nike and Adidas. Even though you are ordering from a site in the UK the delivery timelines to US are impressive and customer service is excellent. Well worth a visit, competitive pricing.

  • Tony Pulis

    I met Tony Pulis during the recent International Break. We were seated next to each other for the USA v Panama World Cup qualifier. First thing that struck me was how fit he looked, clearly someone who looked after himself and for some reason I thought the pressure of managing in the EPL would have been more visible. Sacked this week by WBA, I can only think how ironic it is that Pulis is the guy teams usually call to avoid the drop, it's his specialty. Never been relegated in his managerial career.

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I've been kicking a ball around, watching Soccer since the dawn of time. My earliest memories of watching Soccer are standing on the terrace next to my Dad at Molineux (Wolverhmpton Wanderers) in the days of the old English First Division. Games were almost always played on a Saturday at 3pm. Wolves were more than a decent team in those days and played in the UEFA Cup. Wednesday nights watching some of the best teams and talent from across Europe. There was limited TV coverage of Soccer back then, no highlight shows and that perhaps made it more special. You had to be there in person or get it from a ' Witness ', usually a mate at school the next day. Radio was the primary source for coverage back then and to this day I still listen to the English Premier League on BBC Sports '5 Live'. Chris Waddle and David Pleat are my favorite voices. Working in the Soccer business for the last twenty plus years I've been priveledged to attend all the big events from World Cups, FA Cup Finals and European Championships. Traveled the world watching Soccer; met and spilt beers with the biggest names in the game. Listened to  their stories, helped them write a few and shared some great experiences. The blog certainly will be 'heavy' with Soccer content but don't be surprised to see me veer down some different paths to explore and comment on different topics that have caught my attention such as films, music and everyday culture. Will do my very best to upload fresh content on a regular basis but know that I may go 'dark' due to work commitments. The opinions expressed are my own personal ones. Hope you enjoy the posts, please share and should you wish to send me an email, my contact info is above.  

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